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UltraV International are now offering an exciting new opportunity for people to earn a lucrative sideline income supplying individuals, households and businesses with state of the art, high quality Ultra Violet sanitising units.

Because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, people are more aware now than ever of the on-going need for cleanliness and sanitisation to protect themselves against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Our units help sanitise everyday items that you are frequently touching such as your phone or keys as well as larger items such as furniture, furnishing & fittings, either in the home or business premises. We help customers easily sanitise specific rooms, areas and spaces where customers and staff may be in and out of.

The Market

The market for these products is simply HUGE, with people naturally wanting

to ensure that they are protected from catching harmful viruses such as Covid-19.


As our units are designed to be used BOTH in-home or in businesses, this presents a

massive opportunity for our resellers.

The portability of our units means that they can be used in almost any environment

where someone wants to reduce the risk of a virus spread of breakout.


Therefore, as well as individuals, nearly EVERY business on the high street is a potential customer with many business' also likely to require multiple units.

Here are just some of the businesses that have benefited from our sanitising units:

  • Offices

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Takeaways

  • Hairdressers

  • Shops

  • Dealerships

  • Gyms

  • Pubs

... pretty much anywhere where customers come and go and where there is always a risk of the spread of bacteria.

The Products


This can be used for your mobile phone, your keys or any smaller everyday products that you are frequently touching.

Our sanitising box is so simple to use. Simply place your phone, keys, cards, jewellery etc in the box, close the lid and

let the in-built ultra violet lights clean your belongings.


The Handy Wand can be used to sanitise every room in your home from bathroom to kitchen as well as every day, frequently handled items. It's easy to use, lightweight and quick to recharge.


Our UltraV Mini is our portable disinfection tool that can easily fit in your pocket

or handbag and ensures that you can sanitise anything your frequently touching whilst

your out and about. A popular choice for those on the go.

-ultraV Bag

One of our newest products to enter our range is the already hugely popular parent and baby sanitising bag. After a quick and easy USB charge up, you are ready to take those essential items needed for your little ones day out in a fully sanitised yet stylish changing bag. 


The Sanitising Lamp allows you to disinfect rooms, furniture and equipment in your home or business premises. This stylish looking tower is ideal for easy disinfection in commonly used areas and spaces, such as shops, offices, communal and reception areas or any room in the home. 

-UltraV Car

Our UltraV Car unit offers a simple and effective solution to keeping your car clean and sanitised. A stylish unit that fits on your dash or centra console that will sanitise the whole of your car. Great for your family car and very popular with car dealerships, taxis firms etc. 






Your Reseller Business Package

When you join UltraV International, we will provide you with everything you need to go out and confidently sell our units to individual customers and businesses.

We will support you with training, marketing and all back office administration, helping you to focus solely on generating new sales.

Your Business Opportunity Package Includes:

  • Full Product Training

  • Marketing Materials (print & digital)

  • Social Media Support

  • Sales Leaflets

  • Unrestricted Territory (sell anywhere in the country)

  • Product Range for Demonstration

Your Earning Potential

The amount you can earn as an UltraV International reseller is unlimited with NO caps on commission. 

Commissions will be paid on every single unit you sell, with most households or especially businesses likely to require multiple units at a time.

Once you have gained even a small number of business customers or multiple household customers, word quickly spreads and you can see how easily the commissions can stack up.

Why Join UltraV International?

Here's 10 Reasons To Consider Joining UltraV International:

  1. Very Low Start-up Cost

  2. Home Based

  3. Flexible Working

  4. Current & In-demand Products

  5. Full Training & Support Provided

  6. Marketing Start-up Package

  7. No Need To Purchase Stock

  8. Free To Sell Across The UK

  9. No On-going Costs

  10. Unlimited Earning Potential

There is no denying that the Covid pandemic has changed the way we live in terms of sanitisation and cleanliness.

UltraV offers fantastic high quality products to a wide range of customers giving them peace of mind and cost effective extra protection against virus outbreak.

If you are looking to earn a lucrative sideline income, or start a business that can easily be scaled and expanded into a full time operation, there has never been a better time to join UltraV International.

Interested? We would love to hear from you. Complete the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.


Sanitising Box




the 'mini'


Parent & BABY BAG

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