Everyday pROTECTION against covid-19 and other harmful pathogens

Sanitise your everyday handheld  items with our innovative new range of UltraV technology sanitising products. Ideal for in-home, business or personal use, our sanitising units help clean your commonly handled products such as your phone or keys or help sanitise your areas and spaces within your home and business.




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The Home of ultra violet protection

Our Ultra Violet technology ensures a non invasive, no spray or chemical deep clean to protect equipment and areas against virus spread.

The Coronavirus outbreak has clearly emphasised the huge importance of disinfection cleaning within businesses and homes, not to mention the personal steps we need to take to ensure that we aren't spreading any harmful bacteria.

So now for the first time, we are making our innovative range of portable sanitising products available to everyone, helping you to protect yourself, your family, your customers and staff.

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